Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why hieroglyphs relatively little evolved ?

The creation of the world imagined by the Old Egyptians is defined under multiple forms (every city has its creative "technique").

A "technique" globally accepted is the one of the "Verb" : An initial god who speaks to create the world (beings and things).

This verb (or word) is an audible expression of the intimate  essence of things : it is the divine act which arouses the material.

In the articulation of the syllables live the existence of the evoked things : to pronounce a word, a name it is to republish the initial act of the creator.

We find it in certain funeral texts who invites us to pronounce a formula, a name ! Because for Egyptians it is not something a vain.

The sacred texts receive for Egyptians a colossal power which can offer to the addressee of the text of the almost unlimited means of action !

To convince itself it is enough to note the Egyptian name of archives : baou - Rê ("any power efficiency of Rê").

What means that we can find (through these texts) the elementary strength that the god Rê had implemented during the creation.

The Old Egyptians became aware of this power.

What can explain the durability during almost 2 millenniums of a liturgical language, the hieroglyphs (Middle Egyptian).

During the same period, the popular language has sudden as for her an evolution quite different (w
e cannot indeed prevent a language from evolving).

We could not so distort sounds, grammatical forms of a divine language originally !

To note that the Egyptian name of hieroglyphs means "divine words".

Hieroglyphs were not considered as a social tool, but rather as a sound and manuscript echo of a cosmic energy.

For the priests, the study of hieroglyphs meant explaining the world by the "set of the words".

This durability in hieroglyphs made them special, unchanging : the objective was to maintain by the priesthood this "alive" writing (by knowledge and practice).

In the title this this article, there is an expression "relatively little evolved" because during the last periods the Egyptian history, the priests wished refined, to improve this sacred etymology.

They wished taken to the extreme the concepts of hieroglyphs - we attend then a growth of the number of signs : approximately 600 signs during this durability until about 6000 during the last historic periods !

The priests are so going to play with hieroglyphs, they are going to make a subtle, complex instrument, developing in the infinity.

What made the strength of hieroglyphs becomes its weakness : too many hieroglyphs "kill" hieroglyphs !

We attend an uncontrollable gigantic size going to formal speculations on the signs themselves.

But it is another story...

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