Friday, August 23, 2013

Inscriptions of conventional False Door

False Door of Kha
Let us interest we closer in the inscriptions of a conventional false door (from the 4th dynasty).

This is the list of typical inscriptions for each elements of the false door (based of the material employed by the Egyptologist Reisner).

Upper Lintel

Full titles + name or offering formula + titles + name


Owner seated facing (commonly right) at table of offerings with titles, name, details of offerings

Lower Intel

Titles and name or offering formula (with titles + name introduced later)


Short titles with name or only name

Door Niche

Figure of owner facing (commonly to right), usually standing but sometimes seated or owner seated at table of offerings, titles and name, rarely offering formula

In thickness : commonly figure of owner standing with staff and wand facing out - sometimes : offering bearers facing in

Inner Jambs

Figure of owner standing usually facing in or figure of members of his family standing facing in

Outer Jambs

figure of owner, estates, offering bearers - even scenes from daily life

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