Wednesday, August 21, 2013

From the archaic false door to the conventional false door !

Having analyzed the origin of false doors and the elements of a conventional false door, we are going to analyze the route through the time of our conventional false door (so characteristic from the 4th dynasty).

Dynastie 1

Archaïc Palace - Façade 1

Only for exterior of mastaba

Appearance of painting (example : red color for imitation of color of wood)

Better finish (mud plaster for finish layer, bricks of facing, line (stucco) of white color)

Round - Topped Stelae  2

Appearance of some rectangular stelae -> a first link with the conventional false door ?

1 origin from Lower Egypt

2 origin from Upper Egypt (mainly Abydos)

Dynastie 2

Round - Topped Stelae

Appearance of offering scenes

Archaïc Palace - Façade

Appearance (later than stelae) of inscriptions and pictorial representations (example : offering scenes)

Some reductions of palace - façades -> two doors appear (one great, one simple) -> appearance of "niche stone lab" (similar to the stelae ?)

The "niche stone lab" would be it the descendant of round - topped stelae ?

The "niche stone lab" can be considered as a ancestor of the panel of the conventional false door.

Dynastie 3

Archaïc Palace - Façade

Return in the palace - façade of the dynasty 1

Diminuation of the number of palace - façade (confined Eastern wall of the monument) - This type of facade will still appear till the end the Old Kingdom but has tendace to go out of use.

The panel are made wooden

Appearance doors in limestone with all components (side jambs, drum, central door niche) which are going to compose the elements of the future conventional false door

Round - Topped Stelae

It seems that the round - topped stelae do not participate any more (in any case in a important way) to the progressive evolution towards the conventional false door

Dynastie 4

Archaïc Palace - Façade

It is not any more used on the exterior of mastaba - it is transferred in chapels (Western wall)

The conventional false door is from now on the reference !

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