Friday, March 15, 2013

HIERO : 6 months already !

HIERO is on-line for 6 months !

It's time to make a first point.

At first I wish to thank you all : HIERO (and the OUNAS project of which HIERO been a part) is possible only by the interest and the support which you carry to this software.

If we return to our point : i consider it as a positive point.

From a strictly quantitative point of view : + 3.000 downloads to this day.

From a qualitative point of view, a first work was realized : the main bugs are corrected and i work on one a software basis the most strong possible.

We are for the first versions of HIERO : a lot of work remains to make.

The main works to be envisaged :

* It still remains to implement numerous hieroglyphic features

* Enrich the lexicographical lists (necessity to allow (later) to propose a weft of "translation")

* Set up hieroglyphic tests (of "functional" type) the most complete possible

HIERO is strongly bound to the site of the project - this site proposes complementary technical resources in the documentation supplied for HIERO.

Do not hesitate to download and to consult these resources.

This interaction between HIERO and the site of the project is going to continue and "to improve" to propose even more for every user of HIERO.

You can on the site of the project write a remark or a comment (positive or negative) - I am accepting - the objective being to improve HIERO.

I matter on you to make known (and to try it if you have a Mac) HIERO with your friends, with your social networks and contacts.

I give free of charge HIERO - You can contribute allowing that it is known and spread.

Thank you again for your support.

Thus do not forget: download HIERO on MacApp Store and what the adventure continues …