Sunday, March 3, 2013

Evolution of wˁb priesthood

great priest of Ptah and 
wˁb priest Ptahchepses
The period which interests us for this article is the Old Kingdom.

The evolution of this title is less cut than for the ḥm - nṯr 
title : we did not pass so simply of a priesthood wˁb + king in a priesthood wˁb + pyramid.

We have certificates of the priesthood 
wˁb in the royal pyramid in IV dynasty.

This priesthood will be more numerous during the V dynastyThe situation is going to complicate during the VI dynasty.

This priesthood seems to continue under a different shape - we do not have more title  
wˁb + pyramid.

A new name of the title appears under Pepi Iwˁb + name of the royal funeral complex.

Let us can envisage us a new "formulation" ? 

Difficult to assert given that from Teti, we do not have examples anymore confirming or countering this fact.

Teti has can be decided to end the old "codification" of this priesthood, "the codification" already very weakened from the reign of Nuserre.

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