Friday, January 25, 2013

New version of Hiero !

The new version of Hiero (1.2) is available on MacApp Store.

We advise you to install and try it !

This version brings its lot of novelties - to know more about it please consult the site of the project.

On the site you will find technical resources complementary in the user documentation.

For information, you will find on main window of Hiero, the "Ounas project" button which allows to connect you on this site.

Some screenshots :

Overview of Hiero

Toolbar of "Grammatical tools"

Toolbar of "Hieroglyphs"

Hiero allows to transliterate a hieroglyphic sequence.

The objective is to supply grammatical elements which will later allow to propose a transcription of the sequence.

Numerous versions are in forecast to integrate new hieroglyphic features.

Some tutorials are also available on the site of the project - do not hesitate to view them.