Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Western Cemetery of GIZA

It consists of a series of mastabas grouped in different sectors.

The main sectors (or "the heart" of this cemetery) are :


They are a part of "nucleus" cemeteries (according to the Egyptologist Reisner) : the setting-up older in the necropolis.

A later sector (or "in level") near the pyramid of Khoufou : G4900 - G5200

The Egyptologist Reisner synthesized the architecture of these sectors :  typologies were so established (big work, cover, chapel, well, funeral chamber).

Synthesis completed by the Egyptologist Junker (mainly on G4000 and G2100).

The Egyptologist A.M Abu Bakr excavated this cemetery his most western fringe during the 50s (and completed our knowledge). The excavations were pursued by the Egyptologist Z. Hawass from the 90s.

map of "sectors"

The first constructed mastabas benefited probably from the architectural and/or spatial layout planned by the royal project. 

What can explain that certain sectors seem more organized than the others.

The difficulty is to date these mastabas because numerous arrangements (or developments) were operated on several reigns.

A reign = an arrangement (or development) of a part of the necropolis ? or a reign = set of modifications on certain mastabas ?

We can glimpse two "steps" in construction :
  • initial plan : beginning reign of Khoufou
  • additions during the end of reign of Khoufou-Rekhaef


The Analysis is less homogeneous than
G1200 - the analyze must be made mastaba by mastaba.

Covered period : IV - V beginning dynasty - "big work" made under Khoufou


ig work" made under Khoufou.

Lasting made reorganizations : during IV dynasty (mainly for reigns of Rekhaef and Menkaoure)

The first works date of at least Rekhaef and seem to go on till the beginning of V dynasty.

So for every character of this cemetery who will be studied ("form" of the Corpus), we would try to establish a dating the most likely (considering the information which we arrange).

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