Monday, December 3, 2012

The Hieroglyphs of Medinet Habou !

The temple of million years of Ramses III has a "special" feature : its hieroglyphs are engraved in "hollow" - a rather deep "hollow".

What are the reasons ?

source - Fabrice MAUPIN (c) 2004
An advanced hypothesis is that by engraving them with a deep "hollow", we can avoid the hammering and/or the ursurpation.

Ramses III had it can be consciousness and wished to leave with the offspring an unchanging monument.

Another hypothesis concerns the artistic sense : the depth created by hieroglyphs allows lighting effects. 

Hieroglyphs could have been arranged in the various rooms of the temple with the aim of a "solar" illumination. 

This solar illumination had it a religious symbolism ?

The purpose of a temple of the millions of years was to have of living on the Pharaoh a place of worship of king deified, associated with Amon, the main Theban divinity. 

With this kind of temple, the royal function was so glorified and excited.

A king "worried" that the future generations is not of doubt on the owner of the temple or / and "worried" of glorifying artistically its "aura" divine ?

The hieroglyphs of this temple will still amaze us and can be that they we shall reveal their mysteries one day !

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